The Science Forum is a biennial science festival taking place in Helsinki, Finland. It is an event of great diversity under a chosen main theme. The Forum’s mandate is to communicate to the curious public the newest, up-to-date research and the elements of a rational worldview, and to discuss the possibilities as well as the limits of science more broadly.  This is where Finland's leading scholars from various fields have a chance to introduce their branch of scholarship and the latest research results to a wide audience. Most of the lectures are held in Finnish or in Swedish.

The current format of the Forum is a five-day, one-night festival which consists of some 300 appearances by researchers from different parts of the country. All fields of research from the humanities and natural sciences to art and technology are represented. In recent years the various events of the Science Forum have garnered an audience of about 15,000. The events are also widely followed on the Internet, both live and in recording. 

Picture: Jari Loisa, Science Forum 2013

The first, individual event under the name of the Science Forum was held in 1954. The Science Forum in the current format was first organized in January 1977. Wide-ranging science events for the general public are organized today all over Europe. Most of these were initiated in the last decade, so the Finnish Science Forum is one of the oldest in Europe. Initially held every five and then every three years, the Forum has been a biennial event since the mid-1990s.

Earlier themes include:

2017 - The Limits of Freedom
2015 – Chance
2013 – Crises - Threats and New Start
2011 – Science and Everyday life
2009 – Charles Darwin and Evolution
2007 – Boundaries and Conflicts (in history, the physical world, life and death)
2005 – The Centennial of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity
2003 – Change
2001 – Science and Life
1999 – The Future at the Millennium