Attraction, retention and recruitment of international talent in Finland: Towards a fairer and more diverse society

Keskiviikko 11.1.
15.00 - 16.45
PIII, Porthania, Yliopistonkatu 3
Tilaisuutta ei kuvata verkkoon

This session discusses foreign talents and experts attraction and retention, recruitment, and societal engagement in Finland.

The first talk will cover how well Finland is doing in its efforts to attract, retain and integrate skilled international talent. Based on international comparisons, national indicators and the views of international talent living in Finland, the talk will evaluate where Finland is doing very well, the key areas for improvement, and the kinds of measures it could take to further support the internationalisation of the Finnish workforce.

The second talk scrutinises how workplaces can promote diversity, equality and non-discrimination in practice. The recruitment experiment of THL’s Manifold More -project will be explored, including solutions such as use of a diversity clause in the job advertisement and critical assessment of the Finnish language skills required. Research evidence on anonymous recruitment will also be discussed.

The third talk focuses on international academics and experts possibilities to engage and prosper in Finnish society – how to gain more public expert roles, be included in networks and gain more impact for ones’ work?

  • Chairperson: Director, PhD Mari K. Niemi (E2 Research)
  • Dean Adam Smale (University of Vaasa): Finland’s scorecard in the attraction and integration of international talent
  • Research Manager, PhD Shadia Rask (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare): Diversity in recruitment: practical solutions for workplaces
  • PhD Researcher Gökhan Depo (E2 Research): How to improve foreign academics and experts societal enganement and impact in Finnish society